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“Robertson has the community awareness and trial experience
to be a great judge for King County.”

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This was my first experience as a candidate for election, and although my team and I are disappointed that we were not successful, there are a great many things we can be very proud of.

I made the decision to enter this race to become a King County Superior Court Judge because many people believed that my 22 years of courtroom experience would be an important asset to the Court – now, more than ever. During the campaign, I was pleased to receive the endorsement of more than 75 current and former trial court judges and almost 300 lawyers who have an interest in having experienced judges on our Superior Court bench. I was also gratified to earn ratings of “Exceptionally Well Qualified” from five independent bar associations in Washington – many of which represent our diverse minority communities. And I earned the votes of more than 450,000 King County residents. But it was not enough.

We live in uncertain times and must all adapt to the challenges caused by the coronavirus. The Superior Court must adapt too, and we need experienced trial judges to handle the overwhelming backlog of trials created by the court shutdown. But we must also implement needed reforms, ensure public safety, and protect important constitutional rights. To be meaningful participants in this process, judges must be ready. I remain ready.

I have no doubt that we did everything we could have done to run a positive, honest, non-partisan campaign, focused on my decades of experience, the independence of the judiciary, and the importance of the rule of law. The need of the Superior Court for experienced trial court judges remains, and I will continue to pursue opportunities to serve.

Andrea Robertson